Reviews from Clients

“ Prima Clean has helped us with our house cleaning for years and have done an absolutely incredible job, the to the bottom cleaning and attention to detail has made a huge impact our family’s life. It is very reasonably pro aces and we are grateful for the partnership and trust that we have with them! ”

Bilal Clarence ★★★★★

Julia has been cleaning for me the past two years. She is more thorough than any other cleaner I have had and She is reliable and shows up on time, very responsible, trustworthy and always goes the extra mile to please. Give her a try and you will not be disappointed.”

Thelma Meltzer ★★★★★
Santa Cruz

Julia is great! She’s friendly and professional, and does a great job cleaning our home. She has been cleaning our house for several months, and is very thorough, much more so than others. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends, family and neighbors!

Brittany H. ★★★★★

I loved my service from Julia at Prima Clean! She did an excellent job on a house I had just moved out of that needed the final “ready to show” clean.  It was so funny how it all happened too! I had just pulled up to my house and was going to see what supplies I needed to get the place in tip top-shape. As I was heading into the house, stressed because I had zero time to clean it, I saw my neighbor’s house cleaner (Julia at Prima Clean) was outside getting cleaning supplies out of her car. I quickly went over and asked if she had time to take a look and give me an estimate on our place. She gladly took a quick look, gave me a very reasonable estimate, and was able to do it that same day! I highly recommend Prima Clean! Great prices and excellent job!

Rachel Endsley ★★★★★

Julia has cleaned my home for quite awhile.  Of all the cleaning ladies I have had she is the best.  She is extremely thorough and detail oriented.  Whenever Julia is here I can trust that she will do a superb job.

Marietta Bowler ★★★★★

Julia does a wonderful job cleaning!   I love that she uses green cleaning products.  She is knowledgable on green cleaning techniques as well and it shows in her work.  She’s professional, trustworthy and easy to work with.  I highly recommend Julia!

Kelly K. ★★★★★
Scotts Valley

“ Julia has been cleaning my house for several years and I have always found her work to be excellent.  She is consistent and thorough and she makes my home sparkle.  I highly recommend Prima Clean!

Janet Young ★★★★★
Santa Cruz

 “ Julia cleaned my cottage in the woods which is full of cobwebs and gets lots of dirt tracked in and it’s never been so spotless. She did a first time deep clean and tackled not only my fridge and oven but sink faucets and showerhead with covered in black sludge, that is now sparkling!   The products she uses are the most effective and leave the house smelling fresh and without chemical smells. I had tried to clean it a half dozen times over the last 2 years, even with bleach- which Julia says is not even good at cleaning! I never got these results, it always looked as if there was just a layer of grime I couldn’t ever get off- but she worked miracles.

Diana R. Reed ★★★★★
Santa Cruz

 “ Julia has cleaned my house for quite a while. She is always on time, does a very complete job, and is professional and friendly. She pays a lot of attention to details, and I am always happy with the results of her cleaning. She’s great!

Judy D. ★★★★★