Terms and Conditions


Prima Clean does not clean houses that could be considered a biohazard (extreme mold growth, bodily/pet waste, or hoarding). Prima Clean provides all supplies and cleaning products to ensure quality service. Prima Clean is not responsible for any supplies and products clients provide nor their effectiveness in cleaning.

Prima Clean will not clean home with active illness in the home due to exposure risk. If client does not cancel is ill upon arrival, I will not enter home and client will need to pay full price for cleaning.

Prima Clean must be notified of any fragile items that are not well secured to avoid accidents such as paintings, unstable tables, and antiques/fragile items. I assume no liability for damage of items that are not secured properly or that were damaged prior to my cleaning. (Example: heavy pictures hanging from thumbtacks, any type of floating shelves, etc.) To better serve you better and prevent any incidents please keep house free of clutter. If there is clutter, I can help declutter and organize in a separate appointment before the initial clean.

To avoid possible injury and quality insurance, it is best if the house is unoccupied during cleaning or if client(s) stay(s) clear of rooms being clean. Prima Clean is not responsible for any slips or accidents that may result from the client staying home during the cleaning. Be advised that if Prima Clean is subject to distractions that affect my ability to work in my normal fashion or speed I reserve the right to charge for my extra time spent in the home.


Prima Clean offers one-time cleans such as spring house detail, move-out and move-in cleans. Monthly, biweekly and weekly cleaning services available. Prima Clean is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm (Weekend and Holiday appointments can be booked by request and depending on availability). All cleanings are by appointment only. You may reschedule, skip, add, or cancel any of your cleanings, however I do ask for a 48-hour notice of any of these actions. Clients can cancel up to 3 times per calendar year. Cancellation with less than 48-hr notice will incur a cancellation Fee ($50). Cleanings not cancelled within 24 hrs of cleaning are considered lock outs and will be charge for full price of cleaning. All clients must give 30 days’ notice for final cancellation of service.


Payments through Check are no longer accepted. Prima Clean currently accept payments in the following forms: Venmo, Cash and Zelle. I accept payments during or before cleaning, payment must be made either day of or before cleaning.


Quotes may be less or more depending on the condition of home for first time clean. Please note that houses that have hard water, mildew, grime, extreme filth, pets or that are more than 3,000 square feet take longer to clean and may result in a higher rate. Please provide accurate information when filling the quote form so that I can give the most accurate quote.

Rates vary per house and according to the type of clean requested, square footage and housing dynamics. Prima Clean charges a flat rate not hourly. Quotes are not final estimates.

Pet Policy

I love pets. Pets are fine to roam the house during cleaning as long as they do not interfere with cleaning, show signs of aggression, are house trained and/or have muddy paws. For safety reasons, It is advised to keep your pet in backyard, garage, or in one room during the cleaning if they are not accustomed to people. Please try pick up after pet accidents as Prima Clean does not handle bio-waste for health reasons. Prima Clean will not be held resppons

Prima Clean is a detailed cleaning service for residential properties only in Alameda and Santa Clara County: Fremont, Newark, Hayward and San Jose.

For any questions about my terms and condition or my service areas email Prima Clean at: Seaprimavera@gmail.com.

Prima Clean is a sole priorship.